CA. 166,230 B.C.E. Arrival of the Gods

“To consider Earth the only populated world in infinite space is as absurd as to assert that in an entire field sown with seed, only one grain will grow”
-the Greek scholar Metodorus in the 4th Century BCE.

hd177830Enki awoke in the middle of a dream. The details slipped away as he started to realize that the early warning had been sounded, which meant that the Archon was nearing the braking point in it’s trajectory. “The long journey is nearly over” thought Enki, clearing sleep from his head. “Soon, I will stand on the soil of our new home”.
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Human Nature

CA. 70,000 B.C.E. The Genetic Bottleneck

finalcuteye_2_2“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”
– Arthur C. Clarke

“The gods are up there I tell you, living on the mountaintop.”

“Some are cruel. They use men as slaves and throw them away, sometimes broken and lame, when the task is finished. Others are sad and ashamed that we are created by them in their own image. They try to heal their sadness by teaching us useless things and then hold us up with pride when we learn, as if they had remade us. Then they send us back to our village where we are left to feed and shelter ourselves again without their help.”
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Dream of Anubis

CA. 50,000 B.C.E. The invention of Quantum Entangled Travel

“Politics is more difficult than physics”
-Albert Einstein

300px-sg1stargatefront“Too many defects.” Anubis exclaimed with a wave of his hand that sent the faulty circuit crystal flying off into a nearby junkpile of similar failures. “Without quality parts, I will be fortunate to send a feather to the other gate.” he said in a mumbling, exhausted whisper.

“Many apologies master, I will instruct the igigi to calibrate the magnetic fields before we repeat the process.”

Anubis waved his apprentice Neti off, and again looked over his calculations. The loculus transmitter required an extremely low margin of frequency error to successfully open a quantum tether between gates. Without this tether, instantaneous communication was impossible and further, without communication, the molecule entanglement would also fail.
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Is DNA really a recent discovery?


Now that they claim that the human genome project is completed, it may take a while for the “smoke to clear”, or as some conspiracy theorists may suggest, “for the evidence to be hidden”.

It seems that there are some few genes in our code that don’t appear in anything else on the planet.  One report says 223, the other says 40. To be fair, one of the solutions presented are that we may have been changed by bacterial infection. However, not all of the discrepancies are present in bacteria, their presence in our genome explained by symbiotic lateral transfer from the bacteria within our bodies. If those remaining genes did not evolve on earth, how did they get in us? The implications are that evolution is only partly responsible for our apparent intelligience and domination of this little rock.  Another is that this proof that has been anticipated by Intelligient Designers that “God” created us by modifying our genes.
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