Lessons of the Tyrolean Iceman

Turns out we can learn a lot from Frozen Fritz. Also called Oetzi, the iceman recovered from the Austrian alps in 1991 and has been carbon dated to 3300 b.c.e. Turns out he lived at the time of the Copper age in Europe. It is entirely possible that he is a representative of the Ozieri culture that later developed huge megalithic walls for defense against the very agressive Nuragic culture that began to take over the area in about 1600 b.c.e. His body was found 92.56 meters inside Italian territory (46°46’44?N 10°50’23?E? / ?46.77889, 10.83972).

The Ozieri carved underground structures out of the solid rock called in their legends “domus de janas” or Houses of the Fairies. These are considered graves but have long ago been looted, so there is no real evidence left of them being used otherwise. They lived as farmers and artisans, producing fine pottery, metal implements, obsidian, huge dolmen and megalithic circles such as that found in Stonehenge and Avebury. They had trade with areas all over the Mediterranean region.

They had a simple religion based on gods I recognize from other cultures all around the world: the Horned Bull and the Mother Godess.

What do we learn from him?
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