Climate Change – Is it Us?

I feel that the assertion that we as humans have “broken” the planet and and contributed to climate change therefore must do something to fix it is erroneous, no matter what the popular culture and the popular media want us to believe. Much better to call it natural climate  than “Global Warming” That way it doesn’t raise so much touchiness. I do not care whether it is a conservative or liberal view.  It is better to spend our effort learning to adapt because it’s more likely that we’ll make it worse trying to fix it.  If the “Warming” bunch want to quit putting smoke in the air, I’m all for that. But I for one say we NEED the C02 to stave off the next ice age. The other false assertion in my mind is that somehow this situation will make the planet unliveable and that we are all going to die if we don’t find a way to fix it. Yes, some of us will die if we do not adapt quickly enough or sufficiently It’s mostly just a matter of moving to less hostile part of the planet in the next 100 years.
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