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This is the third iteration of this website, designed to contain a combination of my creative works and some of the inspiration that brought them about. In it, you will find a combination of fact, fiction, and fringe. It really is up to you, the reader, to decide which is which.

The theme may be obvious to some who know me or who have read my stuff before. If you are new to this site or want a succinct list, here are some clues:

  • We are not alone in the universe.
  • Mankind/Sentient life’s existence on this planet is a mystery no one has solved.
  • History, Legends, Religions, and Artifacts hold clues to a past that is only barely understood by Mankind.
  • We are not subjects nor puppets of gods. Mankind is solely responsible and accountable for all the ills of this planet.
  • God in the classic sense may exist, but has no need to command or receive worship from Man…Any that claim are imposters.

The commentary I present on the site occasionally (not willing to commit to a schedule) consists mostly of subjects that I have been researching or areas of interest that relate in some way to the theories and beliefs held by a small but growing group of people who have learned to disdain the intricate web of misinformation that those who run the governments and organizations in power in the world have imposed on us.

The stories have evolved a little here and there. It is interesting how much more difficult it is to create a universe based on our existing history and legend than it is to just create one out of thin air. If you see a title without a story attached, it is either being written or still in my head. If you happen to notice the titles and appearance order changing along the way, it’s just me editing. This site will hopefully always be under construction.

The Annunukai made landfall on a planet in our solar system that no longer exists. This planet was in an orbit located between Mars and Jupiter. They called it Aleph and chose it as the home base of their conquests because it was most like their home. Then they turned their attention to Earth…

Babylonian legend tells of the Annunukai. A godlike race of beings who lived for millenia and were strong, intelligient, and powerful. They came from the stars and colonized the Earth. With their technology, they enslaved and improved the human race, but they were divided and made war against one another until their society was destroyed. All of mankind’s religions and legends are based on their influence, and they still walk among us…


The Forge of Creation is an online science fiction short story project designed to provide feedback from anyone that reads the stories. I look forward to hearing from anyone who wants to comment in any way, be it entertainment, encouragement, or criticism. I am especially interested in the comments of those who may see this world from a viewpoint other than mainstream orthodox thinking. I feel that this is fiction in the same way, for example, as legends of Greek gods. Like movie renditions that are presented to the public, The adaptation is fiction or more precisely, historical fiction, yet the story could be found true, based on future historical research and discoveries.

My adaptation is that of the story of the rise of mankind, not by creation or evolution alone, but by the design of ancient gods who made their home in ancient Egypt, Iraq, India, China, and South America, whose selfish purpose was to make us worthy to fill a void in their society. They intended us to be part of their society, but by their own hand, these gods have become part of us.



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