Blame it on Indiana Jones!

Blame it on Indiana Jones!

After seeing the new Indiana Jones movie The Crystal Skull, I am more excited than ever about the acceptance of the Ancient Astronaut theory. People are coming out of the woodwork to find out what I believe. The Vatican observatory has announced that ETs could be out there and it’s OK to believe in them. Old friends are calling me to tell me that they saw the movie and thought of me and my weird theories. Well, they aren’t mine, but I can tell you whose they are:

The basis of the Ancient Astronaut Theory is from the book “Chariots of the Gods” by Erich von Daniken who wrote it in the early 70s. Some folks think he was debunked. I don’t agree with that, mainly because of the issues I listed in the earlier post. Rather, “Chariots” was a creative expose of alternate ways of considering evidence found all over the world. Erich put together the concept that a “Cargo Cult” those religions found on remote islands where some explorer is revered for years as a god and the villagers build effigys to what they have seen. The technology is over their head so the explorer “must” be some sort of god. Hence we have airplanes built out of coconut fronds and such honoring visitors arriving during WW2.

The idea is that if modern natives can believe that, then why couldn’t (say) Moses or Ezekiel 3500 years ago have been so impressed by the glory of Jehovah that he didn’t see a landing craft, but rather a god. With that in mind, many other strange mysteries of history and archaeology make some sense, where they didn’t before.

Now, if you follow the garden path, you realize that the puzzle pieces fall into place a little too easily. Some would say “without hard evidence” like what a trained archaeologist would need to “prove” (say) an eruption at Pompeii. However, when you step back and look at the whole picture with this view, it starts to look like mainstream archaeology has veered into such safe territory that it will never be able to accept ANY evidence of an alternate theory for fear of another “Piltdown Man” debacle.

Now I still read the Bible and other ancient writings and thanks to the multiple layers of translations, we now have a problem of context. How does anyone who knows only English, manage first to grasp King James English, that was translated from Lutheran German from Latin Vulgate, that was translated from Coptic Greek, that was translated from Aramaic and Hebrew, and in the case of the OT, translated from Babylonian and Assyrian? After all that translation, the Ark of the Covenant can just as well be a wireless communication device, charged power source, and food replicator as it could be a benign and useless object of worship, carried through the desert for 40 years.

In my opinion, we all fall for the religion too easily. As if the real Supreme Being named God has some sort of perverted “need” to be worshipped, sacrificed to, and to punish us for our sins. If you read some of my other posts, you see what I mean when I say that the Hebrew god was an opportunist. Not Omni-anything.

This is also true of the Aryan gods, Shiva and Kali in the Mahabharata. They may have been godlike in the eyes of their subjects, but they were still much too warlike to be civilized, as we hope to be someday. Oppenheimer quoted this epic when he invented the nuclear bomb. “I have become the destroyer of worlds” is what he said. The Mahabharata describes a very powerful weapon used against the enemy, and flying machines (called vimanas) used for travel in ancient India. I challenge you to look it up.

The Mayan calendar ends in 2012. Not because we are all gonna die, but because it is the end of the cycle they were plotting. This is the point in time where our solar system aligns with the plane of the ecliptic of the milky way galaxy. Now how did the Mayans figure that out for themselves? surely not by looking through a telescope or plotting the stars. They received their knowledge from somewhere else.

The Dogon have legends that their gods came from the sky and that they came from the dog star. This is Sirius b. They also say the star was a binary. We could only prove the truth of that recently. Meanwhile, this African tribe already knew.

I could go on, but think about how similar the symbol of our medical profession, the Cadeuseus is to a strand of DNA. Now consider that it depicts a staff or tree with snakes intertwining. This is the riddle of the garden of Eden. Can we decipher it and discover our heritage?

If you want to dig around and find more. I can guarantee there is a fertile field. Just don’t get too wrapped around accepted scientific or religious dogma, or you may be falling into the trap laid by the authors of the Greek Mysteries. Some folks have known bits of the truth for centuries. I doubt even the Vatican has all the puzzle pieces.

Don’t believe everything you see on the Internet. Rather, try to see new evidence on its own merit, as a child sees it (was it Jesus Christ who said that?) and the scales will fall away, revealing the truth in one form or another. This has to be scientific in some way or it is impossible to quantify. however, the evidence may just not still exist. The time frames may be in the millions, rather than thousands of years and even a stone wall disappears entirely during that time. I rather hope that if the real evidence is yet to be found, that it does end up on the floor of the Smithsonian Museum for all to see. However, I suspect that it won’t.

Just call me jaded.

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  1. Yes, we are children of aliens. They left us here 100,000 years ago as an experiment..

    Comment by Gina — January 28, 2009 #

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