Dream of Anubis

CA. 50,000 B.C.E. The invention of Quantum Entangled Travel

“Politics is more difficult than physics”
-Albert Einstein

300px-sg1stargatefront“Too many defects.” Anubis exclaimed with a wave of his hand that sent the faulty circuit crystal flying off into a nearby junkpile of similar failures. “Without quality parts, I will be fortunate to send a feather to the other gate.” he said in a mumbling, exhausted whisper.

“Many apologies master, I will instruct the igigi to calibrate the magnetic fields before we repeat the process.”

Anubis waved his apprentice Neti off, and again looked over his calculations. The loculus transmitter required an extremely low margin of frequency error to successfully open a quantum tether between gates. Without this tether, instantaneous communication was impossible and further, without communication, the molecule entanglement would also fail.
Of course, this problem was his responsibility to solve. Many years ago, he had proposed that he could build a portal system designed to transmit men and materials over large distances. He had expected opposition from his caste, the Igigi, but none came. The Warriors liked the idea of being able to deploy from Aleph on short notice instead of the weeks necessary using an orbital vimana. The Judges were more interested in the ability to transport large quantities of materials to Aleph.



The only weakness of a working system is during the swapping of mass. An incredibly unlikely danger that If the field bubble of either gate were punctured during a transfer, the mass of both the sender and receiver would be turned into pure energy, more violent than the fusion reaction of a star, and obliterate the planet on which the compromized gate was located. The good news is that a field bubble is very strong and can easily withstand the stroke of a blade or the heft of an ax thrown by even the strongest of warriors, therefore, this was of no concern.

His final proposal was to create 5 gates: One for Aleph, one each for Aleph’s moons of Nibiru and Phaeton, and one each for Abzu and Nergal. Each gate would be intertwined with the others aetherially.

Now that the infrastructure and mechanism was complete, his team is left with the task of creating the communication device. The problem is less a matter of physics than quality control of the parts. The mixture of alloys must be exact and the crystal must be tuned to an exact vibration to resonate the high energy Gold particles that will connect the aether between the gates into a firmament strong enough to transmit data. This problem has yet to be solved, and the Judges were impatient for a test.

In the council meetings, Anubis had explained to anyone who would listen that until this quality problem was solved, hence without the proper connection between the gates, nothing could happen. A test would yield absolutely nothing, since even one faulty calculation would result in a non-event.

“Maybe some rest would help him to work out a way to extract finer tolerances from the crystal?” “Yes, rest is what I need” he said aloud as he purposfully left a room full of startled technicians. They had not actually seen him rest for months, though it was common rumor that he slept while sitting at his work. Some had even seen him close his eyes for long periods of time, though he always claimed he was thinking.

The white marble streets of Olympus were golden and pink in the Alephian sunset and Nibiru traversed the sky as Anubis restlessly walked the pathways of the city. Occasionally, a passer-by would be startled by his animated exclamations to the Archons. He walked and thought until the pink and purple sky turned to cobalt, then to black. Suddenly, He found himself at his home and realized that he didn’t care so much that he had not really intended to go home. He lay down and slept like he had not for years.

The harp had the most beautiful sound he had ever heard, yet the melody is of a single note. He reaches out and plucks a string, then another, then all of them. Back and forth he plucks, yet the note is the same. How very strange that a whole instrument can be dedicated to just one note. One that is so powerful and pure that the lingering tones bring water to his eyes and heat to his breath.

Then he looks up to see the clouds in the sky part ways to reveal a bright amethyst-colored sun, light pouring forth and bathing the harp and everything near it in a purple glow that seems to seep from everything it touches. His emotion intensifies such that he finds himself crying like a newborn child from the intensity of the joy. What is this new feeling? Sound and light combining to form a new sense. One that penetrates his spirit like a fine blade to cut away all of its imperfections one at a time. What spirit is left, so light that it leaps up and soars the dimensions beyond reality.

Finally, he comes back to rest near the Monolodious harp. But now the fog is rolling in, squelching the joy, muffling the sound, blanketing the sky in odiferous ruin. The harp ceases its song and begins to cry, then to scream as light is withdrawn and rotting moisture fills the void. The tortured strings rust then finally snap. Lightning flashes, striking the harp. The ground opens and swallows all of creation.

Then silence…and numbness.

The sun rose as a colorful red ball on the horizon while Anubis entered the complex to revisit his project with a determination borne of dispair. He had been angry when he awoke from his night’s sleep. His dreams foretold of failure. It was unacceptable and unfair that the Archons would give him this terrible omen. Such beauty and perfection turned to ruin. He must overcome it somehow, otherwise nothing would stand accomplished. For some strange reason, his hearing was acute and exact. Every rustle of material and footstep refused to remain unnoticed. Details of everyday sounds formed acoustic echoes on the forefront of his mind which was most annoying. He could not concentrate on the problem at hand.

Something familiar…coming toward him down the corridor he heard the whistling of a tune, so faint that the recurring melody seemed like a loop. The same note over and over stood out in his consciousness so that all else was blocked out but the single note. The song of the harp, taunting him to delay…or was it otherwise?

He had learned in his youth to reach for the good side of a task to sustain him to it’s completion. Even if it was a distasteful task, he wished for advantages and good fortune to show him a better reason to complete it than the obvious purpose. Was this such a time to reach for fate or fortune, OR DREAMS to show him the way? He smiled at the young woman who whistled a tune as she walked by him. She, looking surprised, smiled back at him and continued whistling as she went.

That same eerie tune with a single note, just as the harp had done in his dream.

Anubis burst into the room, eyes wide, breathing hard, again striking confusion into the hearts of the technicians who were on duty. “Neti!” he shreiked, “I have great news. Where is Neti?”

Neti appeared immediately, indeed he had been nearby when Anubis made his entrance. “Yes, lord Anubis.” What do you need?” He stood with anticipation and yet still patience showing on his face, waiting to hear this wonderful news.

“We must align the magnetic field with sound and with light” he exclaimed. “The vibration must be at a strong harmonic frequency to the finished crystal. This will solve our problem!”

The first attempt was much improved but not yet correct. Anubis scribbled down some numbers and then said “purple. The light must be violet coherent light of this frequency only”. he held his pad up for them all to see.

Some nodded, others looked puzzled. “Why is it to be that figure and not one closer to the final frequency of the finished crystal? said Neti. “This one is not even a primary harmonic. How can it be correct?”

“Use a sound frequency that is the same amount below that which the light is above, from the frequency of the magnetic field used to create the crystal. Add the frequencies together and tell me what you have.”

A flurry of calculations ensued. Then just as most of them neared an answer, Neti’s face lit up. “It is the first harmonic. A primary!”

“Yes” Anubis brightened. “Now how about field strength. How much is enough…or too much?”

They all spoke at once. “The inverse of the volume of the crystal divided by the frequency of the sound.”

“Not so!” his finger wagged. “You neglect to include the proper light frequency and intensity. Multiply your first answer by the inverse of the reflectivity of the crystal divided by the frequency of light. This will ensure that the vectors of the stress cracks in the crystal are large enough to absorb charged aether, yet small enough to leave the crystal intact when the field bubble collapses.

The room was silent as they all absorbed the new information. Little disagreement showed on anyone’s face because they were all used to translating new information into requirements.

“Now return with a perfect crystal so that I may schedule the test for the Judges.” Anubis had not smiled this broadly in years. The technicians quickly dispersed, eager to fulfill his command. One technician lingered near the door momentarily, eyes fixed on Anubis. When Anubis noticed and looked his way, the Igigi dissappeared through the open door.

Anubis gazed out at the crowd assembled in the theatre. The test was to be conducted with all fanfare and preparation with which it was due, considering that the project was many years old and had never proven it’s worth to anyone else but him. In addition to An, An’s wife, and his sons, Enki and Enlil, and their sister, Ninhursag, All seven supreme judges were in attendance, All five each of the senior Warriors and Igigi, along with a lone symbolic representative of the new worker class, a Hu-Man who had been named Ad-Apa because he was the first Hu-man to have gained recognition for his obedience and industry. Not all in attendance would recognize Ad-apa to this honor. There was still much general prejudice among the Annunukai regarding the Hu-men. Enlil wished to present the fruits of his recent project, though rumors were thick in the air regarding unapproved tampering of Ad-apa’s genetic pattern by the Warriors and the Igigi alike. Ad-apa appeared Annunuk by all outward appearances, though he was shorter and paler than most. He was considered a tame beast at best by most, Annunuk by relatively few at best. In reality he was only an honorary citizen.

The throng of Annunukai crowded each other and milled about, seething like a lake of multi-colored translucent fabric washing up and down the steps of the theatre.photoAd-apa sat in his assigned space, obedient to the word of Enlil, his master and god, completely unaware that he would soon be the center of attention. He looked up in time to see four warriors appear about him. Only one man spoke. He said “come”, Ad-apa looked up at his master Enlil to see him smiling his way, so Ad-apa followed.The warriors led Ad-apa to the center of the gathering and measured his weight. Then they weighed a wooden stool and placed it in the center of a beautiful slab with a gabled roof above it supported by seven carved columns of stone. He was told to sit on the stool and wait. Three boxes of varying sizes and a rope bag was placed next to him. Then he watched as a dark-robed figure got up to speak to the assembled crowd.”Fellow Annunukai.” his arms went up to silence the chattering of the crowd. The din weakened noticeably.

“Are we to be Annunukai or just men?” The chattering rose a little as the spectators turned to question each other about the speaker’s motives. “This test will prove whether we are fit to rule. With our technology, we shall move freely throughout our domain among the four planets and build our cities where we will. We shall conquer those who oppose us and destroy or imprison our enemies if they fall against us.

The crowd cheered and some threw bits of cloth and straw about.”With this test, we establish our right to colonize this system and we make it our own. All this we do for my father An and for the glory of the Annunukai.” The dark figure threw back his cloak revealing the whitened long locks of Enlil. The shouts of the crowd grew louder and drowned out any further words that Enlil had to say. He did not seem to mind though. He waved to the technicians to start the test.

The roaring of the crowd fell to a hushed whisper as the crew activated the portal. After a moment, a dark bubble formed around the edges of the pagoda. A hum rose from the ground along with a sensation of movement, and a flash of strong dark light that caused everyone to look away for fear of blindness. When they looked back, The Hu-man and everything else placed in the pagoda were gone without a trace.

Neti looked over to congratulate his master, but Anubis was incoherent, staring at the sky and all the blood had drained out of his face. “I have doomed us all!” he finally said breathlessly.

“What is wrong master?” asked Neti, confused at the surprise.

“The dream. It has two sides and we have seen but one.” Anubis began to stare about him and stumbled. “Please lead me home Neti. I must sleep now.”

Ad-apa opened his eyes. He had not the courage to leave them open throughout the test. Enlil had told him that he would be taken to another place, but he could not have known that he had just traveled 280 million miles in an instant. Nor indeed had he known, would he comprehend the distance, let alone the significance of doing so in an instant. Further, he like any who would come after him, would never understand fully how he had just been perfectly duplicated, then destroyed down to his atoms in that same instant. The duplicate Ad-apa just smiled and was grateful to be alive.

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  1. no saben mucho de nosotros

    Google Translation: not know much about us

    Comment by Anonymous — December 28, 2009 #

  2. so who are you? Tell us about yourself…

    Comment by Jeff — December 28, 2009 #

  3. i had a dream Anubis attending the mummy of Sennedjem and he opened the tomb and i came out of it and i think i can vaguely remember this because i was approx less then 7 years of age i had no idea who anubis was but when i came out he began chanting and saying ‘finally your awake’, ‘were have you been’. I was really terrified. I recently found;
    This picture and i had a flashback of the dream it was really confusing.I did many research to find out the meaning of this dream unfortunately i had notfound anything, i really need help. Thanks.
    Im 14 nearly 15 now if it helps?
    Thanks for your help.

    Comment by Yasmin — October 28, 2010 #

  4. That’s quite a dream for a seven year old. Now that you are 14, remembering this dream; could it have been a memory of something you saw on television that was associated with a different dream? Another possibility is that you had remembered a past life… Might I recommend the book “Journey of Souls” by Dr. Michael Newton?

    Comment by Jeff — October 28, 2010 #

  5. Jeff thanks for trying to help and sorry for late reply I didn’t know anything about Egypt and didn’t watch bad things on tele until I was 10. Before I just watched cartoons and child programmes but from 10 I’ve watched films such as jackie chan and Bruce Lee family films etc but I’ve never come across Egypt until my mother gave me an amulet. It’s a turquoise gem and has proven to be really helpful. I did research and made a research page showing images qualities about my amulet and others. I can send you via mail. From 11 I’ve started watching movies such as SAW and scream and other gory things which is a little cool (thought might be important to say) on my smile resaerch page I found websites which I’d save and read. One was about Egypt and its history was amazing, I don know what else to say but the dream was out of the blue.

    Comment by Yasmin — December 30, 2010 #

  6. As an addendum, I would like to point out that recently someone has proposed that quantum entanglement and wormhole theory may be connected.



    Comment by Jeff — December 5, 2013 #

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