Gift of the Archons

CA. 3,200 B.C.E. A Message in a Bottle

picketshaman22God has no power over the past except to cover it with oblivion
-Pliny the Elder (23-79 A.D)

I am Anu. When I was born, my father had a dream in which the ancient Archons instructed him in the ways of the universe. My father was shown an insect web that started as one strand and expanded into billions. Then after a time, the billions contracted back into a single strand. Then my father looked to see a child clinging to the end of the web. My father believed that I was the child in his dream and that I was destined to bear all the knowledge of my people the Annunaki to those who came after. He decided that I should be named Anu, which means the knowledge of Anuk, our home star system. My father had thus chosen my purpose as the keeper of the collected knowledge of the Annunaki. When I was young, My father repeated his story to me once every year on the day of the summer solstice of your planet.

Long ago, when the Annunaki race was young, parents would choose the destiny of their children. This was the old tradition. Then over the years, we discovered that many choices were badly made out of pride or greed; preventing their children from realizing the full potential of joy that would come from making their own choice. This is why the caste system was invented to allow the young to choose their destiny within a framework of Annunaki tradition. All knowledge was taught during the first millenium of life. When the time came to choose, it became a question for the youth rather than the parents.

I follow my own wishes and also those of my Father, who chose the Builder caste. When I came of age, I joined the Judges caste, a choice which did not prevent me from compiling this history from which you read. As a member of the Judges caste, I have access to records of many races along with the wisdom of the Annunaki. This gave me the power to pursue my interests. It was through my own cunning political positioning that I gained the advantage that allowed me the technology to preserve these records in a form that would be untouched by time.

Sadly, we are now too few to openly rule over you. Since the war in the heavens and the destruction of Aleph along with most of my people, which I will later describe to you in more detail, we now seek to keep ourselves apart from you, and to watch as your civilization progresses. We have a part in your history, as you will soon know, but we did not create you. We do not have that power. Be it an injustice or not, we lay this responsibility at the feet of the Archons. They created us and also you, along with every other sentient in the galaxy. Of all these beings created by the Archons, some of them are kind and some are terrible. Only distance keeps us from becoming too familiar with these other races.

I have recently come to a realization of the purpose of the records that I keep. Not so much for my people do I write, but to you, our accidental ward, the Hu-man. There will come a time when you will open your eyes to the galaxy around you. There are many others in this galaxy who may intrigue you, If you are not wise they may destroy you, either by intentional malice or by accident, through carelessness of their powers. Take heed of these records and learn all that you can. Only much knowledge and wisdom can save you from destruction.

No, we did not create your kind, but we used our power over life to change you to our needs. Some Annunaki are not proud of this. What we did was done to preserve our society as you will see as my story is told.

But I must stop now to speak the first things first. It is an awesome responsibility that the Great Creator gives me strength to perform. I perform it now, and thus I begin at the first single strand.

Ancient Annunaki history tells of the Archons who are a race of gods who came from outside our galaxy, who have no beginning of time nor end of days, and who engineer sentient life throughout the known universe. The Archons are of one mind with the Great Creator and were given the task of preparing the soil and sowing the seed for a galaxy of life. Thus they came to this solar system to create life on earth just as they have on many previous star systems, including the home planet of my race, Anuk. These powerful beings are said to have the capacity to alter the structure of the very galaxy and move freely between six dimensions of reality to accomplish their tasks. To the Archons, time is only a distance that may be journeyed in many different directions.

Our knowledge of the Archons comes both from ancient Annunaki history and from our archaeological data collections. We only know the basics of the mechanisms used in the Archon’s creation process. This data can be found along with the other collected knowledge of the Annunaki in any one of the three halls of record here on Earth. Two of these halls are well hidden beneath ancient ruins of my people which are known to you, while the third is beneath the waves. The receptacles of this knowledge are mineral crystals that have a lifetime exceeding millions of years and can be read by the tuning of light to the correct vibration rate.

The Archons left a group of architects to direct the evolution of life on this planet. After building basic foundation species such as viruses, bacteria, invertebrates, and plants, then later vertebrates, saurians, and some minor warm-blooded creatures, some of which showed promise as potential sentients, they sent various trials to test their creation.

One adversity was a comet that slammed into the western hemisphere. This comet brought with it enough water to raise the ocean levels by several feet. It ruptured the Earth’s crust sufficiently to start the continents drifting apart and because of the dust that was raised, cooled the planet surface considerably.
While monitoring from a distance, they noticed how most of the saurian species died off. They discovered that certain mammal species survived the blast because of their ability to hide underground and adapt to the changing circumstances. This was the development that they had been waiting for.

The Archon’s sentient development project continued in earnest. Adding genetic information that is common to all of their creations throughout the galaxy, they developed several species of ground walking bipedal beings capable of independent creative thought. The next phase was to choose which of the various varieties were worthy to integrate the spark of self awareness. This choice must be made carefully and by further trial, lest inferiors become the foundation of the resulting sentient race.

The adversity program brought a population of a little more than a million beings down to only 250 thousand of the smartest and most adaptable among them. This was profound progress, but they did not stop there. The remaining creatures were tested for the proper combinations of genetic foundation, strength, and creative spark. Less than eight thousand of this race of chosen people were allowed to continue. These are your early ancestors. The rest were hunted to extinction. Meanwhile, a more primitive race of beings was left alongside to provide competition for the chosen people.

The chosen people were placed in a protected breeding facility located in the center of what is now called the continent of Africa, where they were selectively interbred and culled for a period of approximately 10,000 years. During this time, the spark of spiritual awareness was introduced to the gene pool and they were treated to a program of relative ease. Why this is so, we have yet to determine, we only know that there was a desire to eliminate cruel and warlike behavior without sacrificing strength and survival instinct.

This program was concluded by scattering the resulting population to all areas of the planet, carefully picking out sites where they would flourish. After a period of observation, the Archons, being convinced of their success, departed never to return.

Thousands of years later, in the year you now call 166,230 BCE, we the Annunaki came as colonists from Anuk, a collection of six planets moving around our suns. Our system of 3 suns is very nearby, and it took only 20 of your years to travel to your system. Your astronomers call it Alpha Centauri. Our home planets are more massive than yours, so naturally we are larger, stronger, and faster than you. Alas, If only that had been enough to ensure our survival.

The Annunaki have a lifespan of up to 5,000 years because our knowledge of the structure of life allowed us to eliminate any flaw that makes us age. We have the ability to communicate using our thoughts. Some of us have learned to move and shape objects, to look deep into the forces of nature, manipulating the elements to create objects of sustenance and convenience, while others learn to affect the structure of life, to genetically enhance it to improve ourselves and those that we use to do our heavy work and repetitive tasks. That which you may call magic is merely technology that you do not yet understand.

We colonized the fourth planet in your system we called Aleph, because it had large concentrations of the element Mercury. We used it to power our spacecraft. Aleph’s powerful magnetic fields were also used to energize our technology and so we made this planet the home base of our conquests. Eventually, the planet was crisscrossed with Annunaki roads and cities. Sadly, all that is now left of this world is lifeless rubble, floating along the orbit Aleph formerly travelled around the sun. But I get ahead of my story.

sun-of-darknessIt was inevitable that we would come to survey the planet you now call Earth. Life was abundant and the temptation too strong for our people to resist the opportunity for exploration. Hu-men were only savages, divided into two races. Yet you did not fight amongst yourselves like you do now, nor did you challenge the territory of the other race you now call Neandertal. Your cooperation with others was curious and strange. Never had we seen beings that had been so precisely engineered by the Archons to be strong and peaceful at the same time. You were the perfect choice to replace the numbers of our dwindling Worker caste, until the Sons of Darkness decided to change things…

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  1. Great so far

    Comment by Terry Hush — April 6, 2009 #

  2. Hey Terry,
    Thanx for the comment. You say “Great so far” what would you suggest I do from here…what would you expect to see? I’m not sure if I should post all my stories without publishing first, but thats a long way off. Just soliciting suggestions from readers.


    Comment by Admin — April 6, 2009 #

  3. You must have been reading the Gnostic scriptures.

    Comment by Dr Stephen — April 19, 2009 #

  4. Good story construction, good context. The hallmark of good fiction is believability, and you’ve hit it right on the nose.

    Just out of curiosity, is this a story for story’s sake or a fictional account wrapped around theory? Is there real evidence of any kind for any of this?

    I was disappointed that the entry ended, I wanted to read the rest of it!

    Comment by Eyrisahn — April 21, 2009 #

  5. Anu, my historian. This was never intended to be a story but rather as you say a fictional account wrapped around the world I put together for the story. Whether it is any hard theory? Well, maybe. There are holes in it, but it represents a good part of my AAT twisted view of how things could have played out, mixed with enough possibilities that are not very founded in science, but rather become good plot twists to build a story on. This was intended to be a back-story element that I build the “world” around so that I can have some consistency in my stories. So many modern stories break their own rules, and this is my attempt to set down a foundation to employ as I pull these stories out of my head. Also, don’t be too dissapointed that there is not more. It is intended to dovetail in with the completed work, as an introduction of sorts.

    Comment by Admin — April 22, 2009 #

  6. Ok, that makes sense. I look forward to reading more.

    Comment by Eyrisahn — April 23, 2009 #

  7. Hey there,
    Maybe you should try to post to the Baen Bar. They have a slush pile for their online readers to judge portions of stories and make comments on. I’ve gotten lots of ideas from them, as well as getting shot down a few times (yes, I write sf, too).
    These people are a great resource, and many of the comments come from the actual editors of Baen publishing, as well as their authors.


    Comment by Justa namlonaem — August 15, 2009 #

  8. Good Story, if I may say so myself. I have had thoughts on the same line as yours in regards to space people. I especially like the part of the Archons, working with the actual GOD of all, creating all, and creating beings throughout the universe. That is also my own belief. No such thing as coincidence in my book, I believe it may come from the cosmic conscience! Very good read, again, Thank You!

    Comment by Bob137 — January 18, 2011 #

  9. Its amazing 20 years ago if someone said they believed in aliens they would have gotten laughed at. now if you ask someone they see it as a possibility. whever UFO’s are terrestrial or extraterrestrial more and more are showing up, and the more sittings that are reported the more they seem to support each other. Anything seems to be possible with todays technology and history has prven that the governments are a bunch of deceptfull cowards who use humans as puppets for there games. whatever the reason turns out to be, new world order, nibiru, 2012, etc people are waking up and not being so brainwashed. we know something is coming we can feel it.

    Comment by Conspiracy Detective — May 7, 2011 #

  10. I read this article fully regarding the resemblance of
    most recent and earlier technologies, it’s awesome article.

    Comment by Blogspot.Nl — August 14, 2013 #

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