Of Gods and Mortals

The Planet Mars

Is it possible that our definition of God has changed over the last 10,000 years?

Could it be that the original meaning of the word God was “a master more powerful/intelligient than anyone else we have encountered”? or even “the strong guy that wields lightning and orders us around a lot”? and that through centuries of encounters with god and storytelling about these experiences we have embellished to the point of deification? It would explain a lot…

Gods power is supposed to be unlimited, but was it?. The 3 Omni’s are described in theology: Omnipotence (limitless power), omniscience (limitless knowledge), and omnipresence (unlimited in space and time). None of these words are actually mentioned in the scriptures, but are Latin derivatives of the words used in the bible to describe God’s power, knowledge and presence, no wonder Christians have come to believe the powers of God are unlimited.

As the late Sir Arthur C. Clark has said, “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”  And truly, the 3 Omnis can each be described by some form of technology that can even today be envisioned by us mortals. However, the god described in most religious writings is missing at least one if not all of these qualities. Good and evil aside, the powers of god listed (or inferred) in scripture are simply a level of relative attainment that is somewhat above that of mankind and cannot be called absolute because they are lacking.

As a proposed God, one should have:
1) The ability to travel instantaneously (and indeed be simultaneously existed) to any point in time and space (wormhole and/or time travel technology) 
2) Have all knowledge at one’s disposal (instant access to a cosmic relational database of correct information that encompasses all past and future reality).
3) Have the power to control all the energy of not just a local solar system (see type 1 civilization as described on the Kardashev scale http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kardashev_scale), but also have the power of the universe (type 4) at their disposal.


Who or what was he? The possible choices range from an extremely astute and resourceful man, to a fairly intelligient and savvy being from another civilization. We have no hard evidence that alien life ever visited our planet, but neither do we have any that a being that could be God exists. Scientists are convinced that we have had the same relative mental capacity for the last 40,000 years. This capacity has built the atom bomb and walked on the moon. Could not one of us have convinced the rest of us that he need be worshipped? By the accounts described in sacred records of all religions, I expect that someone had some really great advanced technology at their disposal or we would not have these accounts to remind us of the power of god. We have no evidence that mankind had it, so I expect one day we will find out that some of our galactic neighbors were “playing god” in their spare time.

I do not dispute the notion that a truly omni-powerful being that could be called “God” in the classic sense can exist. Rather, I doubt that such a being could have any need at all, let alone to help us to reach “his” level. Nor would he have any need of our worship.  the creation of the earth is no more or less significant than a given grain of sand on any beach, a supernova, or the big bang.

I also do not dispute the idea that our spirits are self-aware and thus indestructable. There is more evidence both scientific and incidental that our spirits do not die with our bodies, but rather follow the birth of the next in line as described by reincarnation. This follows the first law of thermodynamics stating that energy is not created nor destroyed but moves from one system to another. Our self awareness is the energy that moves from one mortal being to another…plausible but not proven.

It is the instutution of religion that I dispute and consider worthless. It has been the means by which mankind has enslaved and corrupted everyone and everything of value. It gives power to a select few at the expense of growth for the whole of mankind.

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  1. The only real downside to finding some piece of evidence that proves 100% that God, Allah, Shivah, Random God X are nothing more than some being with a ray gun and a fancy computer is the fact that I think the masses couldn’t handle it. They are so indoctrinated in what religion is supposed to be that I think you would see war on such a scale that WWII would like a local RenFair. The major religions of the world would do everything in their power to stop the knowledge from escaping, and if it did, I doubt good things would happen to person who revealed it.

    So, while I consider religion worthless as well, and fully support AAT, truth be told, I don’t know if I really want to see definitive proof surface. I’d rather have a kinda crazy world to live in than a dead one. :)

    Comment by Wild Bill — April 23, 2009 #

  2. Now that is a point of view I don’t hear very often. I personally think that the masses could handle it OK, it would be the leaders that would sh*t their pants. Most folks (even with 100% proof) will just say ho hum…might be true…too complicated…how about that American Idol though!

    Comment by Admin — April 23, 2009 #

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