Out of Place Artifacts? 

I write my stories as historical fiction, which means that regardless of my plot, the background must range from a real event in history to a semi-plausible alternate possibility to give the story some grounding in reality. When I write about something that is supposed to take place largely 15 thousand years before recorded human history, this leaves me with very little with which to work (or some may argue, more creative freedom). Sure, we have a pretty reasonable view of what happened with mankind from about 6 thousand years ago until present time, but much before that is shrouded in legend and mystery. Modern sciences of paleology and archaeology assert that before recorded civilization, humans were largely hunter-gatherers who lived in caves, made stone and copper implements, and invented stories of powerful gods to help them explain their surroundings. Therefore, these stories are the basis for the legends and religions of this world.

Modern scientific conclusions are based on statistics. If we find enough sites with notched animal bones, stone knives, and human remains at a certain depth in the ground (strata) that represents a particular time period, we can start to piece together statistics regarding the lifestyle and technology level of humans during that time. Conversely, if a soda can is unearthed in the same depth, the can is recognized as recent technology and regarded as a contamination, and therefore considered an outlier in the statistical population. Just as it should be.

What happens if an object is found that cannot be reconciled to current technology. Say, metal wire embedded in solid rock or a sandaled footprint in undisturbed sandstone next to dinosaur tracks. Well, this poses a problem. The artifact “must” have been formed at a date so far back in time as to be completely separated from currently accepted facts. These “artifacts” become “outlier” data and consequently ignored.

Some notable outlier artifacts and ancient sites make for interesting speculation as to the real state of affairs versus the historical record that is readily accepted by the scientific community. Some of these anomolies may be explained as the result of the following possibilities:

  1. Technology developed recently and (somehow) mixed with the strata or site
  2. Technology developed by humans and then subsequently lost
  3. Technology developed and used by someone other than humans, then left behind

Here are some notable examples of what I am describing. Read and decide for yourself:

Sure, these are isolated instances and some of the evidence may eventually turn out to be flimsy at best, but the themes are duplicated in other parts of the world and none are taken seriously by the scientific community.

Next consider ancient legends and writings that describe plural gods of fantastic powers. Zeus who could throw lightning bolts, Indian gods who rode in flying ships called vimanas, and Egyptian gods that could raise the dead.

Why have I rearranged our Solar System?

You may notice that in the early parts of my story, I have rearranged the solar system. Venus and Mars are large and habitable moons of a larger planet called Aleph. This is the planet that the “Gods” chose for their home.

Regarding Aleph, my story line also depends on the assertion that a planet in our solar system has exploded in the not-too-distant past. Among other theories, such as that proposed by Immanuel Velikovsky, another more plausible theory of this explosion and similar other much older catastrophies are presented in the link below as one of the theories of Tom Van Flandern who received his Ph.D. degree in Astronomy, specializing in celestial mechanics, from Yale University in 1969. He spent 20 years at the U.S. Naval Observatory, where he became the Chief of the Celestial Mechanics Branch. Read the Exploded Planet Hypothesis.

Quantum Entanglement

One of the items of technology used in the story depends on the recently validated theory of Quantum Enganglement of which I apply in the story as a transporter of sorts. Here is the original Scientific American article on Quantum Entanglement.

These assertions are not intended to convince or persuade anyone of the implications of the accuracy of these finds. I leave that to your own discretion or imagination. However, to take them at face value certainly makes for an interesting story line.

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