The Framing of Jesus of Nazareth

Jesus of Nazareth

The things that Jesus taught were absolutely and unqualifiably good things for the human race to learn. However, since the time of Jesus, his message has been distorted because in the eyes of history, he didn’t teach what he was “supposed” to teach.

Later, those in power or hoping to be in power (such as Saul-Paul) used his message for their own ends and this is how we now have dozens of “Christian” religions and one very corrupted Christian religion in power over Europe. Jesus predicted that. Constantine may not have converted to Christianity on his deathbed, but he sure used it for his political ends. The popes ever since have been figureheads of the Roman Empire that never fell completely; the empire just “got” religion.

Yes, Jesus had “powers” but as Arthur C. Clark said, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from Magic” And I really don’t believe much of the “Magic Jesus” crap that Paul invented to take the ministry away from Jesus’ own apostles after he left town anyway. Jesus was an adept in more ways than one. Nice Job. He still wasn’t God.

You have to realize that some of the “miracles” attributed to Jesus can be explained by the proper application of (out of time/place) technology like the healing of the blind, and raising of the “dead”. Some are abilities that (like he said) all of us already posess, like the concept of Faith, Reiki, Kundalini, and the fact that all our minds are connected to the Akashic Record. The rest, sadly I consider to be invented by Paul and then blown out of proportion by Constantine and the Council of Nicea later on, thus inventing the concept of the “magic” Jesus.

Jesus was descended from an unique lineage to begin with. Refer to the books by Laurence Gardner “Bloodline of the Holy Grail” and Michael Baigent’s “Holy Blood, Holy Grail”. These books research the concept that the families of both Jesus mother Mary, and his “father” Joseph were descended directly from Eve through Cain on back to the very gods of Babylon, called the Annunaki (meaning: those who from heaven to earth came). This lineage is not as unique as we would expect.

Now in Genesis 6 we read about how the sons of gods took daughters of men as wives and they bare children who were called the Nephilim. So, from that we know that the “sons of god” (gods, angels, or aliens, take your pick) can mate successfully with mankind so they must not be too genetically different to begin with. Maybe Eden was just the start of this genetic mixing. This may have been the “difference” between Cro-magnon and Modern man that happened up to 150,000 years ago? Is Genesis THAT old?

Whether the two bloodlines of Mary and Joseph converged or “Jehovah” or “Gabriel” actually inseminated Mary as is told in the new testament is not as important as the fact that Jesus was groomed to be the next monarch of the planet. The Zoroastrians (magi) knew he was to be born. After he started to come of age he was sent to visit them in the East, and was later trained by the Essenes at Qumran.

Incidentally, Joseph was a Carpenter? Builder? possibly descended from the builders of the Temple of Solomon whose knowledge went to the Knights Templar and later became the society of Free Masons.

Jesus decided to strike his own deal with destiny. My belief is that eventually Jesus would have none of this “King of Kings” business and went his own way. This is why he had to be discredited by the Sanhedrin. But he did find a wife (wedding of Cana story) who was of a similar lineage, and with the help of Joseph of Arimithea and Judas Iscariot, managed to stage his death and escape his destiny. His lineage extends all across Europe today.

Jesus knew that we are all hybrids of the gods. He said so. his quotes were, “Ye are gods” and “That which I do, you can do also” and “I go to my father and your father”. The gods are our creators inasmuch as they made our DNA compatible with theirs sometime back in the early days of mankind. This story is recorded in Genesis, the Greek story of Prometheus, and many others.

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  1. Interesting information about Jesus. The “staging” his death idea I have trouble with. Dying on the cross for “our sins” represented a special love between creator and creation that is rare in the ancient texts of any religion. So as I do believe Jesus to be AA, I think his roots are of the highest order and could be considered godly. But it is good to question the teachings which were handed down to us thru time.

    Comment by SKYEYE — January 29, 2011 #

  2. I have trouble with that concept of why he died on the cross. Even the bible tells us how his disciples were frustrated by his repeated attempts to be alone and away from the throng. He tried many times to run away from both the sanhedrin and his followers. Judas handled the publicity while Joseph of Arimathea provided the tomb and the alchemy. The Jews and the Romans did the rest. An unconscious man can survive days on a cross, but a conscious one can only last about 12 hours. It is obvious that he went unconscious before the other two prisoners. What did that? All the dying for our sins nonsense is invented by Saul, the tax collector later on when he was trying to convince the original disciples to let him in the gang.

    The ancient Aztecs worshipped Cortez as a god. Does that make it right? I could play god to an anthill all day long. Doesn’t make me one.

    Comment by Jeff — January 29, 2011 #

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